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    Production planning

    Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor) is an interactive production planning software for you:

    • Manual planning with full view of constraints as well as alerts.
    • Algorithms for automatic planning
    • You have the choice of how to schedule automatically (forward, backward, bidirectional, etc.)
    • You have intervention options as a supplement to automatic planning
    • You can choose which orders/areas are planned manually or automatically
    • You can compose your own planning rules
    • You can freely choose the weighting of the target parameters (delivery date, setup optimization, etc.)

    Sales and Operations Planning

    In order to coordinate a supply chain, many different departments in the company, such as procurement, production and sales, must be involved in the planning process. The technological component plays a major role in this process. Modern IT – together with globalization – has made the development of complex supply chains possible in the first place. And it is indispensable when it comes to linking the individual players in the chain. Learn more about Sales and Operations Planning software that can help you meet your goals.

    Staff scheduling

    The goal of staff scheduling is to assign qualified employees to the right resources at the right time. The MCP Workforce Management is the basis for an economical planning of your personnel deployment considering the actual employee availability, the required qualification and the production plan from the production planning tool.

    Algorithms from MCP

    MCP develops individual algorithms to solve complex industrial problems in an optimal way. Our internal experts also draw on the knowledge of our external academic cooperation partners. Together with the Vienna University of Technology we operate a research laboratory and combine artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization methods for our customers.

    We have set ourselves the goal of using academic cooperation to close the gap between academic know-how and actual, practical applications in industry.