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What are the benefits of FuturMaster’s supply chain solution for you?

More than 500 well-known customers with over 10,000 users trust FuturMaster as the integrated end-to-end supply chain solution (Sales & Operations Planning, Demand Management, Supply Planning) for the cosmetics industry and food industry: including L’Oréal, Weleda, Haribo, Heineken, Danone Waters, Lactalis and many more.

FuturMaster was recognized by Gartner as one of the top players in its Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning System of Records.

Founded in 1994, the company has offices in France, the United Kingdom, China, Singapore and distributors in Germany, Australia and Brazil. MCP Algorithm Factory is the first point of contact in the DACH region – we handle our projects in close cooperation with the manufacturer.

The solution covers the end-to-end supply chain planning process from demand management to supply planning (distribution, production and procurement) as well as the S&OP process (Sales & Operations Planning). Available in SaaS mode, the FuturMaster solution embeds machine learning technology, mathematical models and intelligent algorithms based on advanced operational research techniques. Through modern interfaces and workflow mapping, collaboration succeeds across departments.

FuturMaster’s supply chain solution: industries

Ideal for overcoming challenges in the food industry, cosmetics industry and consumer goods industry

Food industry

Food and beverage manufacturers face a variety of challenges: volatile markets, quality and environmentally conscious customers, growing number of distribution channels and products with best before dates. Rising manufacturing costs, internal organizational constraints, and silo thinking must be dealt with. In this context, supply chain agility and end-to-end planning from raw material to finished product are critical to success.

Cosmetics industry

Cosmetics companies operate in a constantly changing environment: new products, promotions, additional distribution channels and fast-growing trend markets. Demanding end customers need to be planned for in an ongoing and agile manner. Results directly from the point-of-sale need to be analyzed quickly and appropriate actions initiated. A coordinated plan that enables marketing, product development and sales on the one hand and production, as well as distribution on the other hand to make the right decisions is critical to success.

Consumer goods industry

Companies in the consumer goods sector are currently facing intense competition and must constantly adapt and deal efficiently with short-term product life cycles. End consumer expectations are changing rapidly and new trends need to be identified and exploited in a timely manner.

Haribo, L’Oréal and Heineken: three global companies rely on FuturMaster

Haribo is a German manufacturer of sweets such as gummy bears and liquorice based in Bonn. Haribo has 19 factories and 10 distribution centers around the world. The company employs around 6,000 people worldwide and exports to over a hundred countries. To keep up with demand for its popular candies and become more of a global player, Haribo has reorganized its supply chain in recent years. This has also necessitated the introduction of new software to manage this supply chain: in France, Haribo has already been using FuturMaster for several years and is achieving impressive results.

Read the Success Story and learn more about the business case:

L’Oréal is the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the world with sales of over 26.9 billion euros and 89,300 employees. More than 3,500 users in almost 80 countries are currently working with FuturMaster solutions to efficiently plan forecasts and sales. Almost 100% of sales are already planned with FuturMaster. In addition to the possibilities as a pure software tool, Futurmaster offers comprehensive collaboration possibilities via workflows.

Learn more about how the L’Oréal Group is driving its business through a global demand planning transformation program based on FuturMaster solutions.

Heineken is the second largest brewer in the world and the largest in Europe. Their overall supply chain objective is to ensure that all operating plants can deliver the best possible products, at low cost and with a high level of service to consumers. This is to drive sales growth and ensure good end-to-end performance. To ensure unanimous working practices in demand and supply planning, Heineken has chosen to implement FuturMaster’s S&OP solution.

Watch all the videos to learn how Heineken has achieved a standardized way of working worldwide and thus a competitive advantage in the market.

Your benefits from integrated supply chain planning

Improve the accuracy of your sales forecasts and achieve service excellence

Efficiently handle your distribution plans to manage inventory levels and ensure quality of service

Align operational plans with your strategy by consolidating data related to budgeting, finance, marketing, sales, and supply chain

Develop production plans that best meet demand while controlling costs and efficiently using available resources

Streamline your procurement process by developing plans that meet strategic objectives while respecting supplier constraints

Flexibility through modular solutions

The FuturMaster product suite offers modular components. These can be used to significantly improve business flexibility, collaboration and coordination between departments.

Sales Planning & Budgeting

FuturMaster Sales Planning and Budgeting consolidates data related to demand forecasting, business planning, production and delivery into a single tool to anticipate and report risks (reduced operations, risk of breakage or overcrowding, site capacity constraints). Coordinated and collaborative collaboration is thus ensured.

Trade Promotions Management

FuturMaster Trade Promotions Management enables effective management of launch campaigns from the marketing letter to the end customer. This solution takes into account customer habits and input from key stakeholders to create accurate launch plans that can be modeled, monitored and analyzed.

Demand Management

FuturMaster Demand Management enables you to improve your demand forecasting from launch to the end of the product lifecycle. Using an integrated process and sharing a common data set with stakeholders improves forecast reliability.

Distribution Planning

FuturMaster Distribution Planning manages each level of the distribution chain, develops realistic scenarios (taking into account the distribution network, supply constraints, downtime, etc.) and optimizes your existing operations (service quality, stock availability, waste, logistic costs).

Master Planning and Scheduling

FuturMaster Master Planning manages each phase of your production process (finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials and components), develops realistic plans (taking into account capacity and flow synchronization) and optimizes your operations (service quality, resource utilization, stock availability) ). FuturMaster Scheduling optimizes the sequence of orders in the production line and improves the use of equipment, taking into account downtime and resource availability.


FuturMaster Procurement manages the procurement of end products and components in accordance with supplier constraints, availability targets and service quality requirements.

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